Craig and Sandy will be Racing Across America as a 2-person relay team, starting on June 17th, 2017 to raise funds for Paths to Independence, a non-profit school for children and adults on the autism spectrum, owned and operated by Craig’s sister, Clair. Click here to see more information regarding who they are, what they’re doing, where they’re going, and why they’re doing it!

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Craig and Sandy have recruited some pretty amazing folks to help get their butts across America in one piece! Crew members include Chris, Betsy, Tim, Megan, Kyle, Matt, Meera, Anna, Luis and Stacy. Please read more about them here!

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Day 5: The final straw

This will be short. Unfortunately after a tremendous effort over the Rockies when we hit the plains the lack of a true tail wind and sometimes faced with head wind it became increasingly clear that the pace required to catch up to the cut off mark for the race was getting out of reach. Sandy… Read more »


  • I-Fang Chung
  • Miguel Ortiz
  • Megan Christy
  • Dean and Kay Thompson
  • Dick and Donna Thompson
  • Tim Hui
  • Kristin Fisher
  • Larry and Laurie Adams
  • Debbie Knapp
  • Kenitra and Ashley Hammac
  • Kerry Moreland
  • Steve Adams
  • Candace Croney
  • Wil Gwin
  • Dr. Peter Sallay, Methodist Sports Medicine
  • Rod and Janet McNae
  • Carol and Tom Moffett
  • Pat Boling and Howard Grabois
  • Jaclyn Rumpf
  • Evelyn Bian
  • Melanie Lee
  • Chris Sanchez
  • John Angelos
  • John Dabney
  • Katie Boes
  • David and Christy Ball
  • Cindy Echevarria
  • Tiffany Premo
  • Dr. Barrie Grant
  • Dorian Gallagher
  • Jennifer Jenkins
  • Leslie Weaver
  • Steve Leib
  • Lorrie Corriveau
  • Joanne Messick
  • Molly Cripe and Nathan Birt
  • Chrissie and James Erickson
  • Greg Smith
  • Dan Klippel
  • Brent Russell
  • Amanda Schoolcraft
  • Mitch Daniels
  • Susan Mendrysa
  • Jim Weisman
  • Ashley Bourgeois
  • Stacy Tinkler
  • Steven Trott
  • Beth Kimmitt
  • Yung-Yi Mosley
  • Stephen Hooser
  • Marina Acocella
  • Jane Murphy
  • Kim Jackson
  • Sarah Connolly
  • Amy Fauber
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Renee Shirer
  • Michael Logan
  • David Huse
  • Ken Skinner
  • Gert Breur
  • Lisa Holeman
  • Catharine Scott-Moncrieff
  • Jose Garcia-Lopez
  • Kat Merriman
  • Tim and Heidi Lescun
  • Joanne Johnson
  • Kerry and Jason Sondgeroth
  • Chrissy Vasquez
  • Melissa Hines
  • Mark Hilton
  • Girls Got Game Spaethe
  • Hugo Hilton
  • John Christian
  • Chris Royce
  • Pat Boling
  • Julia Veir
  • Benjamin Prell
  • Constance Miller
  • Diana Vandeman